Cesar Salvadori, current president, and his wife Daniela Salvadori-Willimann created, in 1993, the Swiss Federation of Sports Acrobatics (FSSA) which became the Swiss Federation of Acrobatic Gymnastics (FSGA-SVAT) in 2005.

In 2018, the FSGA was recognized as a specialized Association of the Swiss Gymnastics Federation (FSG).
In January 2020, the discipline was recognized as an official sport by Swiss Olympic.
In February 2020, Acrobatic Gymnastics was recognized as a new branch of Youth & Sport (OFSPO). Nice gift for the 27 years of existence!

Currently, the FSGA consists of 9 clubs across three of Switzerland's language zones: 4 clubs in Geneva, 1 club in Neuchatel, 2 clubs in Zurich, 1 club in Saint Gall and one club in the Ticino, as well as two topnotch centers: the Geneva Academy of Acrobatic Gymnastics (AGGA) and the Regional Performance Center in Zurich (RLZ).

Since 2009, the FSGA has organized eleven Swiss Championships!

The 9 clubs members of the Swiss Federation of Acrobatic Gymnastics

FSG Acro-Genève
FSG Eaux-Vives
La Grande Boissière
AcroGym Neuchâtel
Neue Sektion Winterthur
Akroteam Gossau
Gymacro Ticino
Wintiakro Zürich
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